Hello! Hope everyone is having an excellent year so far!

Pizza Clicker is an Idle Game targeted for Android devices - you can download it here!

Late December I planned a New Year’s Update for Pizza Clicker, and it has finally arrived!

The Update

The Update was mainly just me adding some content and setting grounds to the next major update, which, unfortunately, should be available only in February.

  1. Changing prices on old upgrades that already existed, making the progression faster;
  2. Added 1 more upgrade for each incrementer in the game, which means a total of 8 new upgrades;
  3. Added a new kind of upgrade, an upgrade that when bought, makes a new Hire available, the Gennaro’s Uncle Grandpa;
  4. Added 7 more pieces of news, because the way they were revealed was slow, so I thought I needed more.


What’s going on right now is that I’m focusing more on other projects, I’m building an Idle Framework. A Framework that will make it easier to create idle games, be it a standard idle (just like Pizza Clicker!) or one of those RPG-like idles, where you have two currencies. This project was born from Pizza Clicker.

The other thing that is going on is that I will start working on a new game, at the moment it does not have a name, but I’m calling it Project Mobile Dreamlands, it is some sort of mobile runner roguelike, I will be posting more about it soon!

About Pizza Clicker, I have two major updates planned, which is Version 4 and Version 5. Version 5 will be definitely the end of the game and, after that, I will just update some minor fixes and maybe more upgrades/incrementers, very few of my time will be with Pizza Clicker after V5.

But as I said previously, Version 4 is due to February and Version 5 will maybe reach the stores in March, I still have some planing to do! Until then, Pizza Clicker has a really long road in front of it.

That’s what has changed in Pizza Clicker for this update. Hope you like it!

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