The Road So Far…

Fun Fact: On my early teens I was really into Supernatural, but it was just ruined for me after the 5th season! Whatever.

The first post on this devlog is dated on July 23th, it was around this time I created the Fourth Dimension Studio, as I got my Bachelor in Computer Science, quit my internship and decided to create games full times while applying for Masters Programs.

Two weeks in Fourth Dimension I released Space Journey, a game made just to get my first game out of the way. Another month in and I created and released Pizza Clicker, a game that I’m still working on, creating upgrades and I still have to reach people to play it.

After that I took Dreamlands seriously and that’s when things started to get messy, I was working on Pizza Clicker updates, Dreamlands, a platformer game in a gamedev group (this game will be release around March 2019) and working on university applications, which is very time consuming.

Needless to say all of these tasks suffered and I had to prioritize, Dreamlands ended up being the least important, where applying to masters the most important. But that’s life, right? We have to balance and prioritise things.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with what Fourth Dimension has come to be in just 4 or 5 months and what it can be next year. I planned to have two more games released by this date, but I think early 2019 will reward me for not achieving this goal!

With all that being said, I planned my first months of 2019. I’m pretty optimistic about the application processes, that’s why I planned my Roadmap only until May, because I might not know how my schedules are going to be after this date.

The Roadmap

This roadmap is divided in Mobile Projects, Desktop Projects and Asset Store Projects, yes, I want to sell systems to help me finance future games. Each month relates to what I want to release on that month.

So these are the projects I will be working on:


  1. Pizza Clicker New Year’s Update: I plan it to be a huge update on Pizza Clicker and the last update before Version 4 - I will add a bunch of new upgrades, incrementers and news and I will work a little bit more on the game’s balance and progression.
  2. Idle Engine: I already started to work on this, I will strip down Pizza Clicker to its basic features and release it on Asset Store as a Framework to help people create their own Incremental Games, initially I’m planning on it supporting the classical gameplay (just like Pizza Clicker and Cookie Clicker) and the RPG Style Gameplay, where the currency is your damage and you defeat monsters, my initial intent is for it to be sold for $15.
  3. Project Mobile Dreams: Using the Turn Based feature and Room Generation System from Dreamlands I want to create a game for android, which will be something like a turn based infinite runner, really fun!


  1. Roguelike Level Generator: I will strip down Dreamlands room generation code to its core features and also sell it on the Asset Store, I had started doing this but the code got worse than it was, so I will just restart.
  2. Platformer Game: This is the game I’m working with another group at the moment, not much details about it right now, just that we want to release it in March.


  1. Dreamlands: Yes, Dreamlands is not dead, I just postponed it. A lot. Doing the mobile game will help me achieve a good result with the turn based system and the level generation, so for Dreamlands I can just focus on adding content and story. Dreamlands originally had RPG elements but I’m seriously planning to cut it out.
  2. Start my Masters in Game Design: This would be basically giving a huge step towards my dream.

There are many more projects on my Backlog, but being realistic these are the ones I want to work on!

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