Pizza Clicker is an Idle Game targeted for Android devices - you can download it here!

Last Saturday a new update for Pizza Click was launched! It’s the V3.5 version.

The Update

I got to fix my problems with the subscription so you won’t see the “Made with Unity” logo anymore, besides of that, here’s a list of changes made in this Update:

  1. Added 3 upgrades that increase the whole production by 1% (Issue #16);
  2. Fixed a wrong piece of code when the Mayor offered an Oven for you, it should offer the one that will boost the most your pizza per second count, it was offering the oven that was giving you the most pizza per second (taking in consideration how many of each one you had) (Issue #18);
  3. Fixed some arrangement on fonts and typos (Issue #19);
  4. Fixed the visual feedback on pizza (Issue #20).

Open Issues

This is things that are currently open and I might do or not, problems/errors I will always fix.

  1. Issue #4: Add a menu with more information for each incrementer (how much pizza per click and pizza per second they are giving, how much each one gives, etc…);
  2. Issue #13: Have a menu where you can change your pizzeria’s name, the game’s volume, reset game, etc…
  3. Issue #7: Add more news, this is something I will be adding throughout the updates;
  4. Issue #8: Develop some kind of system that will give random rewards to the players sometimes;
  5. Issue #10: Gennaro’s Uncle Grandpa (A new Hire that gives you for 2PPS);
  6. Issue #21: Add “Pepperoni’s Pizza Secret Recipe”, it is the upgrade with make the Gennaro’s Uncle Grandpa Available;

For the moment that’s the open issues, News and Upgrades are going to be added slowly every update and fixes will be released as long as I detect them!

That’s it for this Pizza Clicker update! Things are kinda slow ont his Devlog but soon there will be a post about where I’m at and the next steps for Fourth Dimenstion Studio!

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