Pizza Clicker is an Idle Game targeted for Android devices - you can download it here!

It’s been just 2 days since the last post explaining about V3 for Pizza Clicker, but today I released the V3.4! Here is what changed.

The Update

The first thing that people will see as different is the “Made with Unity” logo, I had some problems on my subscription and it will take me some days to be able to renew it, so for the moment I’m using a Personal Account for Unity (I miss the Dark Theme!) - Which is not a problem since Personagem Accounts are good for companies with less than $100,000 of income and my income is, well, $0.

Anyway, here is a list of what changed:

  1. Fixed Issue #5 => You earned 2% of the pizzas when not on game, now you earn 5%.
  2. Fixed Issue #6 => The first upgrades improved your efficiency in 50%, now it improves in 100%.
  3. Fixed Issue #9 => The Discover() function, which is responsible for rendering new pieces of News, Ovens and Upgrades only was called when something was bought, now it is called once every 30 seconds.
  4. Fixed Issue #12 => Now when you click the pizza (to earn pizzas) it has a visual feedback showing how much pizza you earned.
  5. Price Balancing => While testing, my progression was really slow after 100,000 pizzas per second, so I changed some prices on the upgrades (they are cheaper now).

What’s next?

Here is a list of open issues, which means things that I either have to do or I want to do:

  1. #4 => Add a menu with more information for each incrementer (how much pizza per click and pizza per second they are giving, how much each one gives, etc…);
  2. #7 => Add more news, this is something I will be adding throughout the updates;
  3. #8 => Do some kind of “lootbox”, that is, create some kind of system where players can earn something every 4 fours, everyday, something like that;
  4. #10 => Gennaro’s Uncle Grandpa (A new Hire that gives you for 2PPS), this is something I’m not sure about, a possibility is to have an upgrade to make you able to hire this.
  5. #11 => (SECRET)
  6. #13 => Have a menu where you can change your pizzeria’s name, the game’s volume, reset game, etc…
  7. #16 => Add upgrades that improve your whole production by small amounts

The ones I’m most sure about is Issue #7 and #16. That should be out next week, the others I’m not totally sure yet. Aside all of that, I plan on always be adding more upgrades and news.

This was a quick post on the new update pushed today on Pizza Clicker! Have a nice day and until next post!

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