Pizza Clicker is an Idle Game targeted for Android devices - you can download it here!

It’s been a while since Pizza Clicker Version 3 is up and running on Play Store. Probably something around 6 days, and as I’m nearly the completion of the first hotfix of this version, I remembered I still had to write an update about the version 3.

The Update

Again, it’s a fairly simple update. I added the Upgrades section and 5 more news.

There was always a reserved space for the “Upgrades” section, now it is complete and released and with it there are 2 upgrades for every incrementer (Hires and Ovens). Those Upgrades makes your workers or ovens work in a more efficient way, producing even more pizza!

And as your Pizzeria is growing, there are more pieces of news being released about it!

If you are more into technology, I wrote a blog about how the Incremeneters and the upgrades persistence on my personal blog.

What’s next?

For the moment I’m working mainly on balance and some fixes! I will probably spend quite a while on this but I’m aiming to launch an update every week. Those upgrades will include adding more news and upgrades, and only after that I will start working on Version 4.

This was a quick post on the update pushed on Pizza Clicker! Have a nice day and until next post!

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