Hello dreamers! It’s time to another Quick Update on Dreamlands!

If you haven’t yet, you can play a very early version of Dreamlands on Dreamlands’ itch.io page - A new web build will be up as soon as the Sandbox is finished.

For this week update, few things have actually changed. The changes are on random elements on combat that were added. These features are easy to change, add and/or remove, because I expect them to demand a lot of tuning and I’m not sure yet if these mechanics are fun.

Here is a list:

  1. The damage is not constant anymore, it is a random integer value between 0.75x and 1.25x, where x is the character’s attack.
  2. There’s a random chance of a critical attack, which scales with luck. A critical attack causes twice the damage.
  3. There’s a random chance of a miss attack, which diminishes with luck. A miss attack causes no damage.

I swear I will speed up with the development and have updates that are more interesting, the following tasks are the ones I should tackle as soon as possible:

  1. Creating a list of things that will have to be balanced - A good part of development will be spent on balance;
  2. Create a better primary stats conversion to secondary stats (it is linear right now);
  3. General User Interface improvements;
  4. Improve/Add Sound Effects;
  5. Create a Level Up menu and system;
  6. Create more enemies and boss varieties;
  7. Have a progression, that means, your character leveling up and the enemies/bosses following it.

And this is the tasks that are currently in the Icebox, which are tasks that I will get into eventually and are the next features for the game:

  1. Sandbox (this is what is being done)
  2. Level Management + Scene Transitions
  3. Hub
  4. Add Shops on the Hub and on the Dungeon
  5. Weapons (gameplay differentiation)
  6. Hazards (make the environment more interesting)

Feel free to reach it me on Twitter, on email (contact@fourthdimension.studio) or you can just comment on the comments section below!

Also if you have any early feedback or any consideration feel free to contact me.