Hello fellow dreamers! This week I will write just a very quick update here talking about some issues I tackled this week. As I said on the previous post, I was mainly going to refactor and organize some things.

What was done

This week I worked on and closed 9 issues on the projects, them being:

  • Refactoring Level Generation System: It’s not the most clean and organized thing yet, but probably I won’t need to make any changes until the end of the game.
  • Refactor Turn Based Combat: This was a big change, to the point I almost threw everything away and rewrote it. I removed the smoothed movements because it was a source of a lot of bugs and I still have to add it back. There are still some bugs here and I will have to push some extra work to finish it.
  • Early Polish: This was another epic task I created, the issues inside this task were: 1. making the sprite flash when the player or enemy takes a hit, 2. adding particle effect when the player or an enemy takes a hit, 3. rework how the stairs and doors worked (this also relates to the level generation system refactoring), 4. create a better stats system (this also relates to the turn based combat refactor), 5. Make the minimap show rooms the player have seen but didn’t explore yet and 6. add damage pop up

Next weeks

I created two more milestones for the next two weeks:

  1. Early Sandbox Mode: The sandbox mode is something I’m not sure if will make into the final game, but it is a mode were you can customize the map, its parameters and difficulty, I will use it mainly for testing - having this sandbox mode also implies having a stats progression system.
  2. Aesthetics: This is something I definitely should have done already, this milestone includes picking the color palette, drawing the enemies and having some basic music at least, at the end of this milestone the game should be something.

Sorry for the short update, I promise the next ones are going to be more exciting!

Feel free to reach it me on Twitter, on email (contact@fourthdimension.studio) or you can just comment on the comments section below!

Also if you have any early feedback or any consideration feel free to contact me.