What is Dreamlands?

Basically, Dreamlands is the game I’ll be working on for the next months, and I’ll start posting more frequent updates on the progress, trying to gather a community that will enjoy the game and provide feedback!

It is a roguelike, and I’ll try to appeal to the classic roguelike players and listen to their feedback trying to build a game that is fun, classic and provide enough complexity to have a big replayability value. I’m aiming to work on it for 4 months and to sell it for $5. I think it’s a fair value for the development time.

The game can happen to take more than 4 months, in that case, it might cost more than $5 or I will divide it in modules and launch more on later updates or as DLC or a Reboot, I don’t know. But the core should be ready on 4 months as it will be simple and classic.

But what REALLY is Dreamlands?

Dreamlands is a roguelike with classic turn based gameplay, a good reference for the visual style is Crypt of the Necrodancer but the gameplay is more like Rogue and others classical roguelikes. At the same time it will draw some good inspirations from Binding of Isaac with the square-ish rooms and transitions (that is really based on The Legend of Zelda).

For the progress and turn based combat, I’m realy looking into the mechanics of Bloodborne, Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics, let’s see how things will turn to be.

The aesthetics will be inspired on Lovecraft related stories, probably with darker colors, weird and unknown monsters and things like that, probably it will also be related to Dreams somehow, as the name implies.

Why Dreamlands?

Dreamlands is interesting, at least for me, because it is a take on the roguelike genre that uses classical gameplay combat mechanics and also features some more recent introduced mechanics, such as having some kind of progression outside the dungeon, as there was on Necrodancer and Binding of Isaac.

An interesting point I’m still looking into how viable it really is, is also having the game on mobile, as the classical input style really suits the mobile drag based input. But that only can happen if there isn’t a lot of complexity requiring you to use other actions. All in all, if I can’t port Dreamlands to mobile, I might use the combat system and create a really similar game to give a similar experience on mobile.

Another interesting point of Dreamlands, is that by having, at the same time, classic and modern mechanics, it might bring new people to the classical roguelike niche. And if it somehow made into the mobile market, it can bring even more people to the genre.

Basically, that’s Dreamlands.

I will be talking about it daily on Twitter, follow me there! I will also be posting here probably on a weekly basis and reaching people on Discord and Reddit for early feedback.

Finally, I’m aiming to have a playable build in a couple weeks, so follow me on Twitter to know when it is out, gameplay demo will probably be HTML5 on itch.io.

Thanks for reading this blog post, and hope to see you more! Feel free to contact me either by mail or on twitter.