After a long long time without updating this blog a lot of things have happened. I started working on two games and gave up on them, moved countries, started studying again and it took me some time to get everything adjusted and being able to finally work on a new game again, evaluating what kinds of games I could and wanted to work on, I got to Aglarond.

What is Aglarond?

Aglarond is a simple, yet very fun, roguelike, and yes, it is a roguelike. Aglarond goes back and incorporate the basis of games such as Rogue, Angband and Moria, not only that, it adds enhanced game feel on top of that! Cute pixel art, music, sound effects, screenshake, excessive feedback, everyone is here!

It will be a wonderful game if you always wanted to get into roguelikes but the lack of graphics and sound doesn’t appeal to you very much, it is also a wonderful game if you like roguelikes and want to try something new!

Gameplay-wise it is the classics! Turn-based movement and combat with a procedurally generated dungeon for you to explore and find items, chests, hazards and a lot of monsters! The turn-based system is built on top of my previous two pseudo roguelikes I was working on, Dreamlands and Mobile Dreamlands (how original!), below you can see an example of how the combat happens.


As for the dungeon generation, I am using a spin from Bob Nystrom on the Angband algorithm, I’m not totally happy with it so I might be changing it in the future when I add my own spin on these two algorithms. Below you can see a picture of a dungeon that was generated, the connections betweens rooms looks like a maze, and that’s because they are made using a maze generation algorithm, but I don’t really like the end result.


These are the next features I will be implementing and I estimated one week for each:

  • Field of View
  • Monsters & AI
  • Items
  • UI
  • Save System
  • Polish!

With all that being said, I want to get back to more frequent updates and want to write frequently about Aglarond! You can follow me on Twitter for ocasional updates and random posting about games!