Woosh, it’s been a long time since nothing is posted here! I’ve just been putting a lot of work on Freshman’s Quest as we are wrapping a demo that might be around really soon! Not only that, I’m also putting some time part time working on a local game company, to my luck, everything I’m doing there can add to the amazing work I’ll talk about.

So, let’s talk about what Fourth Dimension Studio is up to!

Mobile Roguelike

Mobile Roguelike

Mobile roguelike is a game that is, well, mobile and a roguelike! There’s a very raw prototype you can play on Fourth Dimensions’ itch page and it will be a full mobile game app, with in game store, in app purchase, achievements, leaderboards, and lots, lots of content!

For the last week, I’ve been thinking about the current state of this game, where I want it to be and which path I should follow to do that, this led me to writing a Game Design Document that currently has 12 pages, it isn’t very long but will do for now.

This Mobile Roguelike game will rely on a very simple motto: “The player should always be making interesting decisions and they should be frequently surprised by the outcome of their actions!”

Doing everything according to these rules is not as easy as it sounds, actually it doesn’t even sound easy at all, a lot of rework and design decisions had to be made and a lot of iteration will happen, so nothing is closed yet.

The game also is based on two big systems: a Level Generation System (which can be found on the Unity Asset Store) and a Turn Based System - The idea is to keep improving these systems, adding more level options to the level system and adding complexity on the Turn Based System in a way that keeps the code clean and efficient. By doing that, I have two systems which can be reused in the future.

Being totally honest, a lot of things I want to do are going to be cut for this mobile game, but I want to keep improving those systems and release an improved roguelike for PC and maybe even consoles someday!

Tell me more about the game!

Mobile Roguelike will provide many sessions of challenging procedural and emergent gameplay, that’s why it would fit so nicely into mobile platforms! You will battle with many enemies on an endless world that always goes up, not only that, you will find rewards, coins, chests, potions and even more monsters throughout your journey!

The game takes place in a medieval inspired set, aiming to be a light hearted, beautiful and challenging experience with dynamic music!

Was that a game pitch?! Yes! Kind Of.

Breaking on different aspects, here’s what I’m planning to add to the game, from a very overview perspective:

  • Gameplay: As stated above, it will be a roguelike, that means, high difficulty, lots of monsters, rewards and some random elements! The Turn Based System will have a fair complexity in order to create an emergent gameplay, so players always be making interesting decisions and get surprised by the outcome of their actions! Here are some things that I’m planning to add to the system:
    • Adding a simple inventory system where the player would be able to store potions and magic scrolls.
    • Potions would either cure your health or have an unknown effect, which could be positive or negative!
    • Adding even more monsters with different behaviors and that can interact with each other.
  • Characters: The game will have a range of characters, a few of them you can play from the start, but the idea is for you to buy them on an In Game Store.
  • Worlds: The game will have different themed worlds, initially, there will be a Training Ground and a Forest/Stones based theme. Each world will have their own difficulty and challenges, so players can choose the challenge that best suits their skill levels. New worlds shall come in the future as upgates, they would work like DLCs.
  • Music: The music will be dynamic to reflect your current status, maybe you are fighting in a rough spot, the music should follow your situation! When you overcome your challenges and find a big chest rewards the music will also reward you by switching to more calm tones.

This was a short update on the status of the Mobile Roguelike I’m currently developing, I’m not sure when it will hit the stores because I’m working on the core gameplay, but ideally it won’t take too long. You can expect more updates in form of tweets and devlogs from now on!

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