Lately this devlog has being kinda empty because I don’t have that much progress to report here, I’ve been working on projects and systems that weren’t to the point of surfacing to the public, but fortunately, the biggest project I’m working on right now reached a state where it can see the light of day!

I’m still trying to figure things out when the subject is running a game company (i.e. Fourth Dimension Studio) as a single developer, am I a Producer? A Game Designer? A Gameplay Programmer? Maybe I am a little bit of all that.

And when I’m working for another game company, is it my person working or is it Fourth Dimension working for them? What about Game Jams, was it me or my company? - And this same question arise for Freshman’s Quest, is it me working on it, or is Fourth Dimension working on it?

These questions are not as important as the end product, and I’m here to talk about Freshman’s Quest and not about game developer existential crisis.

Freshman’s Quest

Freshman’s Quest is a pixel platformer game that takes place at an University/Fantasy mixed universe!

You will take control of Lily, a Philosophy undergraduate student with a big sense of pride trying not to fail her final exams! It all takes place in a fast paced, challenging, fluid and hand crafted platformer game with intriguing characters and memorable plot in an universe with 16bit aesthetics.

  • It is a narrative-driven, single player adventure that takes place in an university and is written and developed by university students!
  • Challenging hand crafted levels that represents a range of university subjects!
  • Simple and accessible controls, just jump and wall jump!
  • Fast respawn so you learn faster and jump right back into action, so you don’t waste time on your quest!
  • Pizza!

Through the path you going to find some friend’s help and (why not) collect a bunch of pizza slices for reasons yet to be revealed. Jump your way to the next semester.

Freshman's Cover

The Team

We currently go under the name UFU Games, the team was born under a project run by a local indie game studio called Gilp Studios. This project was focused on introducing and building game developers, the team UFU Games is the result of the first iteration of this project.

We are currently 8 people, at the start we were 3 programmers, 2 artists, 1 designer, 1 musician and 1 working on marketing. But a lot of members starting dabbling on other aspects, some artists started also designing, some programmers started making art and designing, whatever. We are a group of 8 developers thirsty for gaming and pop culture references but also seeker of fun when it comes to pushing buttons and facing obstacles.

Freshman’s Quest is, indeed, the Freshman’s Quest for most of our members, as most of us are first timers (a Freshman in some sort) on game development. We are all about creating fun and challenging experiences based on our personal lifetime repertoire.

Keep an eye on Freshman’s Quest Twitter for updates, news and everything else!

We are planning to roll up a Demo really soon when we have two finished and polished levels and we are aiming to release the final game on the last week of March! So stay tuned to play an awesome and challenging platformer on Day 1!

What else?

I do have some things going on for Fourth Dimension Studio, but Freshman’s Quest is the top priority right now, here’s a quick list of what I’m working on when I have some idle time:

  • Mobile Roguelike Project: A game that is mobile and it is a roguelike! In fact, you can play a prototype on Fourth Dimensions’ itch page - I’m aiming to finish this on April 24, as I would be able to focus on it a lot more after Freshman’s Quest. I want to be it a full mobile game, with in app purchase, in game store, achievements, all the fancy stuff!
  • Customizable Dungeon Generator: This is happening at the same as the one above, I made the level/dungeon generation its own thing and I’m aiming to sell it on the asset store to help people learning systems programming and also help people make their games, the system is highly customizable and, with a small programming knowledge, it can be extended for a lot of different use cases! I’m currently on the process of setting a Demo for it and writing the documentation.
  • Pizza Clicker: I always update Pizza Clicker once in a month and I have two update ideas. I haven’t touched any of them yet but the good news is that I just to have to write new updates/incrementers and news on a spreadsheet and add them into the game, so it don’t take much time, when I have some more free time I should set things up and kick off a new update.
  • Idle Game Framework: I was working on a Idle Game Framework which I was aiming to finish early February. Well, I didn’t finish it on early February and had to put it on hold, as a consequence of that, it is the least prioritized project at the moment, but hopefully it can go live on the Asset Store before May.

These are the 4 projects that are currently happening at Fourth Dimension Studio, but keep in mind that Freshman’s Quest is the biggest priority, so the other ones are moving at a very slow pace (or not moving at all).

Follow Fourth Dimension on Twitter for frequent retweets on Freshman’s Quest and some ocasional tweets about other projects!