Pizza Clicker is an Idle Game targeted for Mobile devices - you can download it here!

Yesterday, 2018/11/11 a new update for Pizza Clicker was pushed to the Play Store! I know it took a while but it has finally arrived. The reason for taking so long is mainly because I was focused on Dreamlands and, well, I ended up forgetting about Pizza Clicker - and time passes so fast we don’t even realize. But I finally managed to reach a point where I can focus on both of them (at least I think I can).

The Update

This is a very simple update where there is a new functionality: the city Mayor now offers the player an Incrementer, be it an oven or a worker, by watching an advertisement. It is optional and if the player does not want to waste their time, they don’t need to.

From the players perspective, it helps at the beggining of the game to accumulate resources and earn pizzas faster - on late game it doesn’t really change much.

From the developer perspective, now I can finally monetize the game and see if I can get any return with it, the organic conversion for the Play Store is actually interesting, I was expecting near 0, but more than 20 people found and downloaded Pizza Clicker. So now I am more motivated to keep working and updating it!

What’s next?

The next big feature is adding Updates! - these are going to improve the efficiency of cursores, gennaros and ovens, adding a small percentage on their pizza per second or pizza per click factor, the context is that you will be hiring Italian trainment for your workers and importing Japanese Oven technology. Good Stuff.

This was a quick post on the update pushed on Pizza Clicker! Have a nice day and until next post!

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