Hello fellow dreamers! It’s been a long time but let’s talk about what changed on Dreamlands.

If you are interested on the reason of such delay, these are the paragraphs. At the beggining of every project, it is really easy to have progress and have an initial vision, but Dreamlands reached that point where the 80% is done, and if you know the rules, that was 20% of all the time spent on the project. So from now on, every task is very time consuming, demands more work and causes less impact on the product, needless to say that these tasks are also what makes or break the game.

So I reached a point where I didn’t know what colors and aesthetic should I use and this took way more time than it should, and on the side I had some pretty bad weeks where I wasn’t able to be very productive, but things like this just happens.

What Changed

As I always wrote, here are the closed issues on this period of time:

  1. Art: Create different sprites for the player character, with warm colors and one in shades of gray.
  2. Art: Recolour walls and ground.
  3. Art: Create art for dummy enemies.

Just these issues. But they resulted in a big change.

You can see below the new character and the enemy design.

Dreamlands 1

Dreamlands 2

I’m not totally happy with the colors and aesthetic result but it is better than it was previously, so things should go on like this. One thing I’m thinking about is having many different characters (I’ve drawn at least 10). This way, the players can choose their favourite character or I can spawn a random one everytime someone plays or get a random one at each new game. These are ideas that are in my head that I need to match with the game concept (lovecraft, roguelike, etc…).

Another thing that was done is the main menu and the sandbox menu:

Dreamlands 3

Dreamlands 4

As you can see, the sandbox is a place where you can config how many rooms the dungeon will have and you can also choose your initial stats. I’m not sure if the sandbox will make it to the final game but it will have its place on testing.

The different stats will make it to the final though.

Another small improvement is that the character’s idle animation speed now varies accordingly to the speed attribute of the character.

What is next

It’s been a while since I’m thinking on creating and uploading a new release to my itch.io page but I’m not sure yet if everything is at the point of doing that. Here’s a list of things that I have to do/fix before having a new build:

  1. Improve User Interface.
  2. Create a better form of conversion from primary stats to secondary stats.
  3. Improve Sound Effects.
  4. Have more enemies and boss varieties.
  5. Have a Level Up menu/interface on the dungeon run.
  6. Effectively have a progression (enemies follow the player’s level, etc…)

With this changes, the sandbox should be 100% functional and fun to play. After that I have to work on the lore, content, permanent progression and some things that are on the ice box (Hub, Shops, Weapons, Hazards, etc…).

I’ve said I wanted to release this game this year but it will not be possible, what I’m actually going to do is keep working on it until the end of the year and on January 1st I will decide on the scope, release date and work towards that.

Feel free to reach it me on Twitter, on email (contact@fourthdimension.studio) or you can just comment on the comments section below!

Also if you have any early feedback or any consideration feel free to contact me.