Hello fellow dreamers! Just another veery quick update on the issues that were tackled.

Solved Issues

  • Enhancement: Add currency to the game and make enemies drop it.
  • New Feature: Enemy Stats Generation System (based on randomness and probability).
  • Enhancement: Improve the Turn Based Combat.
  • Enhancement: Change colors on damage caused on and by the player.
  • New Feature: Enter sandbox menu.
  • Enhancement: Create different initial base stats.
  • Enhancement: Add Smooth Movement to the turn based combat system (it was removed due to coroutine problems).
  • Bug Fix: When the player attacks an enemy and the next enemy movement is Vector2.zero, the enemy deals damage to the player.
  • Enhancement: Fix on the Boss Behaviour.

Still Pending

Unfortunately, my week was not very productive and I wasn’t able to tackle all the issues, here’s the ones remaining that are going to the icebox:

  • Create a Better Primary Stats => Secondary Stats (Conversion) - It’s linear at the time, which is bad.
  • Level Up Menu
  • Have a Progression (leveling up on dungeon and leveling up your stats)
  • more enemies and boss variety
  • Create the Sandbox (every issue was to achieve this one)

Next Milestone

Unfortanely (again), the project can’t stop, the Sandbox Milestone wasn’t reached in a satisfactory way but it is somewhat playable now, it’s important to return the issues to the sandbox and get to the next milestone.

The next milestone is to define the aesthetics of the project, and the very first task is Defining a Color Palette! At the end of this milestone the project should have a visual identity of its own.

It is important to note that November 2nd is the next releasable version of the game (probably another HTML5 build) and will mainly be used to prove the gameplay.

Feel free to reach it me on Twitter, on email (contact@fourthdimension.studio) or you can just comment on the comments section below!

Also if you have any early feedback or any consideration feel free to contact me.