Tiles and Field of View for Aglarond

One of the base core features of a good (or any) roguelike is a tile based map and movement system and, of course, a field of view, limiting what the player can see is what give them the incredible feeling of exploring a dungeon, it is always more fun when... [Read More]

What is Aglarond?

After a long long time without updating this blog a lot of things have happened. I started working on two games and gave up on them, moved countries, started studying again and it took me some time to get everything adjusted and being able to finally work on a new... [Read More]

Creating Content for a Mobile Roguelike

Last post I’ve talked a little bit about the Mobile Roguelike I’m currently working on and I’m aiming for it. As the name implies, this is a game that is, well, mobile and a roguelike! There’s a very raw prototype you can play on Fourth Dimensions’ itch page and it... [Read More]

On Mobile Roguelike

Woosh, it’s been a long time since nothing is posted here! I’ve just been putting a lot of work on Freshman’s Quest as we are wrapping a demo that might be around really soon! Not only that, I’m also putting some time part time working on a local game company,... [Read More]

Announcing Freshman's Quest

Lately this devlog has being kinda empty because I don’t have that much progress to report here, I’ve been working on projects and systems that weren’t to the point of surfacing to the public, but fortunately, the biggest project I’m working on right now reached a state where it can... [Read More]